So many generous donors have made Project Oatmeal possible, and we are grateful for each and every one of them, large and small.

On this page, we will take some time out to put a donor in the spotlight, and to highlight and recognize his or her incredible generosity.


Damon Giglio has, time and again, been our most generous donor and our most ardent supporter. Whenever we need it, he is there for us, always making up the difference and making sure that we have the funds we need to complete a purchase of oatmeal, and to get yet another truck of oatmeal on the road. He is truly a friend to those in need, and his generosity is unparalleled. Thank you, Damon!

Damon Giglio

Damon Giglio is serial entrepreneur with an impressive record founding, funding and managing a series of successful Internet-based ventures including, which he built from an idea in 1999 to the Internet’s #1 resource in 2006 where owners are able to sell their homes without the assistance of a real estate agent. He is less known, however, for his charitable and philanthropic contributions, which include The Damon Giglio Foundation, which assists other charities and foundations to achieve their goals and The Functional Medicine Foundation – co-Founder and co-Chairman - dedicated to support the research, education & awareness of Functional Medicine, which is personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of chronic diseases rather than treating symptoms. Giglio is a Board Member of the Turn the Corner Foundation, which supports research, education, awareness and innovative treatments of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases and a committee member of the Andrew Glover Youth Program, which seeks to reclaim youths who have fallen into lives of habitual criminal behavior by providing an alternative to prison.

After selling to the Chicago Tribune, Giglio developed and organized a series of Internet-based ventures including, and – all uniquely positioned in their particular industries. Prior to launching, Giglio built and managed a series of successful ventures including, Inc,,, and He has bought, sold and managed his own portfolio of investment and rental real estate properties since the age of seventeen.

Mr. Giglio attended the State University of New York Oneonta where he majored in business Administration.