"Project Oatmeal is a shining source of hope for those in need."
--The Huffington Post

As of February 14, 2013, Project Oatmeal has raised $117,624 and purchased 674,522 meals for delivery to
New York’s hungriest.  

Project Oatmeal profiled in 
The Huffington Post

Project Oatmeal profiled on
Channel 11 News (WPIX)

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More than four million people go hungry in New York every day—and more than 50% are children. Many of the hungry, including children, the elderly and those with disabilities, have no way to work, and they face hunger every day as a serious struggle. Living in one of the wealthiest cities, we often don't see the tremendous hunger before our eyes. But it is very real. People will stand outdoors for hours in freezing temperatures hoping to bring home some food. Some wait on line on behalf of friends or family members who are too ill to wait in line themselves. Often food pantries run out of food, and not everyone gets fed. (View Pictures or Watch Video.)

With the philosophy of focusing on one simple, direct way to help, Project Oatmeal’s goal is to provide one of the most needed foods to New York’s hungriest. Oatmeal is at the top of the "most needed" food list. Oatmeal is desirable for many reasons: it is Inexpensive, highly nutritious, light to transport and has a long shelf life; it also lowers cholesterol, is a good breakfast food, and is safe for all stratums of society, from children to the elderly. It also tends to put a smile on people’s faces.

With 100% of donated funds going directly to oatmeal and 0% overhead, Project Oatmeal continually finds the best price for oatmeal in the nation, buys it direct from the manufacturer, and has it shipped directly to the people who need it most: New York’s hungry, in New York’s hardest hit neighborhoods. Project Oatmeal makes it possible to feed hungry New Yorkers at a cost of approximately 15 cents a meal. That feat would be remarkable anywhere—and is even more so in New York City, the most expensive city in the world.

The oatmeal will be delivered to the BedStuy Campaign Against Hunger, New York’s largest food pantry, an independent, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, which serves, on average, 300 families a day. For the last two years we have worked diligently, raising over $100,000 and providing over 600,000 meals of oatmeal. (Project Oatmeal in the Media)

Please DONATE NOW. Your donation of just $18 will buy 128 meals. (click to see a precise breakdown of how donations work/cost per meal.)

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