(September 15, 2008)



"Lukeman’s sequel to the Scottish play—which, Lukeman hints, Shakespeare might have written but never got around to—succeeds as both a fascinating literary exercise and an entertaining play in its own right. Taking up the story 10 years after than Macbeth’s death, Lukeman explores a Scotland suddenly torn apart, despite years of peace under the good King Malcolm, by ambition, greed, and lust for revenge—all the usual things that tear apart nations in Shakespeare’s plays. This time, we see the downward slope of Malcolm’s career, a reversal catalyzed by sibling rivalry and the sudden appearance of the good-hearted daughter of the evil, now long-dead Macbeths. Readers familiar with the original play will be amused by Lukeman’s myriad variations on the themes and scenes of the original. Readers unfamiliar with Macbeth (and shame on you, if you are) will still enjoy Lukeman’s poetic, well-paced drama.
—Jack Helbig

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