Dear Mr. Lukeman,
          Oh how I am enjoying “A Dash of Style.” A little background: I am an “everything about writing” junkie. I teach several writing courses; I read everything I can about writing; I write. Many years ago, while teaching a college writing course, I realized that, beyond the obvious, though I had been teaching for several years, and writing for many more years, I really didn’t understand “how words work.” When I came upon a piece of writing that I instinctively knew wasn’t working, I couldn’t tell the student “why” it wasn’t working. So I set out to learn.
           I have now read more than 200 books on writing (admittedly, many cover the same ground, but I’m always searching for a new slant on an old point). The books range from the practical -- like “Elements of Style” and “On Writing Well,” to the philosophic like “On Becoming a Writer,” and the books by Natalie Goldberg. And everything in between.
           I also read magazines about writing and there, in “The Writers Chronicle,” I saw your piece about commas. Then I got your book. It is such a gift, and is showing me “the way words work,” in an entirely different and fascinating light....Yours is a book I will refer to time and time again. A treasure 
for anyone interested in writing, and especially for anyone teaching writing and trying to understand, “the way words work.”
All best,
Howard Rice
writing teacher, Temple University and Barnes & Noble Writing Workshop

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