bush-shaking-hands.jpg (116568 bytes)

coalition1-walking.jpg (106846 bytes)

coalition4.jpg (125440 bytes)

coalition3.jpg (156253 bytes)

with President Bush

with Major General Armando Novelli, the CentCom
Italian liaison officer

with Australian Chief of Defense Admiral Chris Barrie

with Brigadier General Hosam El Dien-Anwer



coalition-member2.jpg (116360 bytes)

coalition-village.jpg (262036 bytes)

conference-room.jpg (202756 bytes)

country-SM.jpg (261632 bytes)

with Brigadier General Sachau, the CentCom German liaison officer

with Brett Baer of Fox News,
in Coalition Village

in the CentCom conference room


with General Tommy Franks
and Charlie Daniels



delong_guliani.jpg (140237 bytes)

delong_rumsfeld2.jpg (205326 bytes)

delong-bush1.jpg (267002 bytes)

wolfowitz.jpg (150529 bytes)

with New York City Mayor Rudy Guliani

with Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

with President Bush

with Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz



football2-SM.jpg (336575 bytes)

formal-wear.jpg (116986 bytes)

franks-house.jpg (134249 bytes)

franks-standing.jpg (160900 bytes)

with the 2003 national champion Arena Football team
the Tampa Bay Storm

with General Jim Jones, the Commander of EUCOM

with General Tommy Franks and Ambassador Marty Cheshes

with General Tommy Franks



guliani-shaking-hands.jpg (136234 bytes)

podium-memorial.jpg (106325 bytes)

saluting-SM.jpg (260011 bytes)

walking-memorial.jpg (133150 bytes)

with New York City
Mayor Rudy Guliani

at a CentCom memorial

at a CentCom change of command

at a CentCom memorial



staubach.jpg (160343 bytes)

seaed-jeb-bush.jpg (148096 bytes)

with former Redskins legends Sonny Jurgensen and Sam Huff

with Laura and Jeb Bush and General Peter Pace, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff