Morgen Schick

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      Morgen Schick is one of Ford’s most active models, and has done more than 50 covers, including the cover of Prevention and the cover of W, and regularly appears in Redbook, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She also makes regular appearances in the Neiman Marcus catalogue, the Spiegle catalogue and the Sears catalogue, each reaching several million readers. Her appearances on E! Entertainment’s "Fashion Emergency" brought the show its highest ratings ever, reaching over 24 million viewers. She is the exclusive spokeswoman of Laura Mercier Classique, one of the most respected cosmetic lines in the world. This fall, she will make appearances on Oprah, Sally Jesse, Liza, Good Morning America and CBS This Morning. She is at work on THE MAKEOVER: SIMPLE WAYS FOR ANYONE TO LOOK LIKE A MODEL (Rizzoli/Universe).

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