Andrew Goliszek, M.S., Ph.D.

           Andrew Goliszek, M.S., Ph.D. is author of IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE:  THE SECRET HISTORY OF HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION (St. Martins, 2003).  He is author of two stress books, a stress management workshop kit, a medical school guide, and two novels one dealing with the origin of AIDS (Rivers of the Black Moon: TOR Books), the other with biological warfare and genetic engineering (World Order: Forge Books), which have been translated into eleven languages. While doing research for his three novels (which all include details of nefarious but factual government activity), Dr. Goliszek became fascinated with the history of medical research and human experimentation. He decided to write a book on the subject with the belief that everyone has a right to the truth.
          Dr. Andrew Goliszek received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Biology and Physiology from Utah State University, then spent 3 years as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in both the department of Physiology and Pharmacology and the department of Medicine. He is currently an Associate Professor of Biology at North Carolina A&T State University where he teaches Biology, Human Physiology, and Principles of Endocrinology. During the past decade, he has received several biomedical research grants and has been involved in various NIH-sponsored research projects in the areas of neuroendocrinology and cardiovascular and stress physiology. He has also given many stress management seminars and workshops to organizations, individual groups, and major corporations.  He brings to the table a unique blend of scholarship (he is a Professor of Biology at North Carolina State University) and an engaging, commercial writing style.

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