Daniel Lenihan

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(pictured here with co-author Gene Hackman)

    Founder and Chief of the United States National Park Service’s elite Submerged Culutral Resources Unit (SCRU) Team, Daniel Lenihan is one of the world’s leading underwater archeologists. Over the last 25 years he and his SCRU team have been the subject of endless national media in print (such as The Washington Post) and on television (documentaries airing on CBS, ABC, BBC, CNN, and The Discovery Channel). He has written for popular audiences in many venues, and is a frequent contributor to Natural History.  He is co-author of SUBMERGED: ADVENTURES OF AMERICA'S MOST ELITE UNDERWATER ARCHEOLOGY TEAM (Newmarket Press, 2002) and co-author of UNDERWATER WONDERS OF THE NATIONAL PARKS (Fodors/Random House).

        Dan is also a talented novelist. He is author of WAKE OF THE PERDIDO STAR (Newmarket Press, 1999), co-authored with friend Gene Hackman, a historical adventure saga set on the sea in the early 1800s.  WAKE was critically-acclaimed and was a commercial success. His second novel, JUSTICE FOR NONE, also co-authored with Gene Hackman, was published by St. Martins Press in 2004, to critical acclaim, as was his third novel, ESCAPE FROM ANDERSONVILLE (St. Martins Press, 2009).

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